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After an abortion, the doctors will recommend you a series of personal care tips which you will have to have in mind for a quick recovery.

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Noticia | 12/11/2014

A 46-year-old female doctor has been caught on camera agreeing to carry out an abortion based on the gender of the foetus.The act has lead her to be called to appear in court in front of the Manchester and Salford Magistrates.

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Noticia | 18/11/2014

Pope Francis siad that euthanasia was a sin against God and creation.

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Noticia | 30/11/2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr claims that the couple were too famous to have privacy, therefore justifying speaking on social media about their abortion.

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Noticia | 22/12/2014

The court will decide if doctors may switch of the life support machine of a 16 week pregnant brain dead woman in Ireland.

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