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A rally at Warsaw Parliament brings thousands.

Read more » | Contraceptives | 19/09/2016

Epileptic women may need a double dose of the morning after pill for it to be effective due to their medication.

Read more » | Reproduction | 14/09/2016

Premature twins born before the legal abortion cut off beat the odds and survive for their first birthdays.

Read more » | Sexually transmitted diseases | 31/08/2016

U.N. Health Officials warn that we are running out of ways to treat gonorrhea.

Read more » | Abortion | 24/08/2016

Two Irish women have tweeted live on their journey to the UK to have an abortion.

Read more » | Contraceptives | 08/08/2016

Now a study has found that taking oral contraceptives can have more benefits than just preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Read more » | Abortion | 04/08/2016

A thirteen year old has fallen pregnant after being raped in Mexico.

Read more » | Sexually transmitted diseases | 01/08/2016

The government warns that if you plan to travel to or are already in Florida that you should avoid unprotected sexual intercourse.

Read more » | Contraceptives | 25/07/2016

Within the next two years it is expected that a new male contraceptive method will become available.

Read more » | Contraceptives | 22/07/2016

Mum of two, 22, expecting her third child despite using contraception is fighting to get her tubes tied.

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