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Early medical abortion, surgical abortion, pregnancy testing, unplanned pregnancy, consultations.. If you are pregnant and worried, be assured you are not alone. You matter and we are here to help you. We offer private and NHS - funded treatment.

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Noticia | 24/08/2016

Two Irish women have tweeted live on their journey to the UK to have an abortion.

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Pregunta Frecuente | 04/08/2014

The Papanicolau is also known as a vaginal smear test.

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Pregunta de Usuario | 25/11/2014

my daughter lives in NI and although there is a clinic in Belfast in her circumstances it would be better if she came to UK where I live. Can she still be treated at Banbury?

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Pregunta de Usuario | 08/02/2015

I'm 15 and about 5 weeks pregnant, I want an abortion but don't want my parents to find out. can you just talk to me about it and explain it abit more? Would it be possible for my mum not to find out too?

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