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Price of abortion

Information about the cost of abortion

Price of abortion in UK. Complete information about the price of abortion in UK made abortion clinics legally by the UK government.

Although the majority of abortions are provided for free by the National Health Service (NHS), it can sometimes be very difficult to achieve as waiting times are very long and in some areas some doctors and consultants will not agree to perform an abortion for some women. Private clinics also perform abortions and can also inform you of whether your abortion could be financed by the NHS. On our website we offer a complete list of the UK private abortion clinics where you will be attended as soon as possible.

Prices for abortions in private clinics can vary and depend on:

  - The stage of pregnancy at which the woman is because abortions performed at an early stage are generally cheaper.

- Whether it is necessary to spend a night at the clinic.

  - The abortion method to be used.

Below are the approximate rates of abortion, prices vary depending on the type of abortion. "These prices are approximate." If you want to know more about abortion prices you can contact any of the abortion
clinics advertised on our site and they will solve any doubts you have.

Price of abortion: price "guide" for abortion with pills

          Abortion up to 9 weeks gestation                                                                         approx £450 (GBP)

Abortion Price: prices "guide"for surgical abortion

The price of surgical abortions depends upon the week of pregnancy at which the woman is. Below is a table showing the approximate prices, but do not hesitate to ask for more information from any of the abortion clinics advertised on our site.

       Abortion up to 14 weeks of gestation with sedation                                                   approx £620 (GBP)

       Abortion up to 14 weeks of gestation under general anesthesia                                approx £700 (GBP)

       Abortion within week 14 to 19 with sedation                                                              approx. £800 (GBP)

       Abortion within week 14  to 19  with general anesthesia                                           approx  £870 (GBP)

       Abortion in 19th -24th week of gestation under general anesthesia or sedation        approx £1900 (GBP)