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It turns out that being on the pill can actually be beneficial to your health.

Now a study has found that taking oral contraceptives can have more benefits than just preventing unwanted pregnancies.
Written by in Contraceptives on the 08/08/2016   
It turns out that being on the pill can actually be beneficial to your health.
The pill offers us one obvious benefit; protection against unwanted pregnancies. Now a study has found that taking oral contraceptives can have more benefits than just this, and especially if you live in the UK.
Some scientists from America found that the pill can help to increase the levels of vitamin D in your body by about 20%. The recent study was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. It looked at 1700 African-American women aged 23-34, darker skinned people tend to have lower vitamin D levels, and measured their vitamin D levels.
Their blood samples were taken and they filled in questionnaires which asked if they used contraception and if so which type. They were interested mostly in those taking hormonal oral contraceptives and also whether they took any nutritional supplements. 
The results showed that those who took hormonal oestrogen containing contraceptives had a higher level of vitamin D. It is unknown as to why the results show this, but it appears that the contraceptives are playing a key role in these increased levels.  
One medic, Quaker Harmon, MD, Phd, and lead author on the study, said that while it is good news for those who are taking the pill, for those who may stop taking it in order to try and conceive, need to be conscious that their vitamin D level could drop.
"Women who discontinue oestrogen-containing contraception to start a pregnancy attempt may be at risk of falling (vitamin D) during the important preconception and early gestation period."For women who are planning to stop using birth control, it is worth taking steps to ensure that vitamin D levels are adequate while trying to conceive and during pregnancy."
In the UK, 1 in 5 people are vitamin D deficient, meaning they have low levels of vitamin D in their bodies. This is usually associated with a lack of exposure to sunlight. In cloudy britain... are we surprised? No, not really.
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