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Human reproduction

Necessary information about human reproduction

All of the complete information about human reproduction. Necessary information about human reproduction. Get to know human reproduction.

Human reproduction is the fundamental biological function of human beings. The reproduction, intended to lead to one or more individuals like him and its main purpose is to perpetuate the human species.

Human reproduction needs two human beings of the opposite sex for reproduction to be successful, that is to say, that the union of two masculine and feminine gamete must take place, the joining of an egg and a sperm cell.   

There has to be a coordination of hormones from the reproductive system and the nervous system in reproduction.

Human reproduction is sexual, because both of the sexes: masculine and feminine, must play a part. Fertilisation is completed inside the woman’s body, which is where the pregnancy will take place and where the foetus will grow.

In human reproduction we find several different phases, theses are: the sex, the fertilisation, the pregnancy and the birth.

Human reproduction: sex

During sex is when the penis is introduced into the vagina, it ejaculates (ejaculation) inside the vagina expulsing millions of sperm and these live inside the woman between 24 and 72 hours and their function is the penetrate the egg (ovule), during the time that a woman’s ovulation lasts.

Human reproduction: fertilisation

During fertilisation, the union of the sperm and the egg is produced, originating from what we know as sex. When the chromosomes of both sexes unite, they determine what the human being will be like that is going to grow inside the woman’s uterus. Now what we know as the embryonic development is produced, culminating with the formation or an embryo.

Human Reproduction: pregnancy

Pregnancy is the nine month period (40 weeks) in which the embryo develops forming the organs in their complete form. The pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, the first being the most delicate as it is the trimester in which an abortion could happen.

When starting the third trimester, the foetus can already be viable (able to survive) in the case of a premature birth, its survival outside of the womb can be contemplated.

Human reproduction: the birth

When pregnancy has finished the birth takes place, which is the exit of the foetus from the womb to the exterior. This process can last many hours as is divided into three phases:

- 1st Phase: Dilation. When the contractions start pushing the foetus towards the outside from the womb.

- 2nd Phase: Expulsion/ birth of infant. When the foetus comes out of the woman’s body.

- 3rd Phase: Birth of placenta. When the contractions resume after the birth and provoke the expulsion of the placenta.