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Female condom

Female condom. Complete ad necessary information

Complete information about the female condom. How to use the female condom. Inform yourself of the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of the female condom.

The female condom also called the femidom, the condom for women or women’s condom.

The female condom is a soft, loose-fitting sheath which is cylinder shaped. It is usually made from latex or polyurethane and they are very resistant, almost more than the male condom. There are two flexible rings at each end of the female condom.

Female condom: effectiveness

The effectiveness of the female condom is similar to other methods of barrier contraceptives, such as the diaphragm and the male condom, this is to say that it has a 90% effectiveness. If it is used without the required care, its effectiveness is only 79%.

Female condom: advantages

Some of the advantages of the use of the female condom as a contraceptive, can be:

- The woman is who decides whether to put the condom or not.

 -It covers a large part of the external female genital organs and creates a more ample barrier tan the male condoms against sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, the human papiloma virus or hepatitis B.

- It offers better protection against genital warts or herpes because with this condom the vagina, the vulva and the cervix are covered.

- It doesn’t squeeze the penis, as male condoms do, and unlike latex, the polyurethane material of the female condom allows body heat to be transferred, meaning that it can improve sensitivity for both members of the couple.

- It can be used with any type of lubricant.

- It provides an alternative to those who have an allergy to latex.

- It doesn’t require a medical prescription.

- It can be put in 8 hours before maintaining sexual relations, this way the foreplay is not interrupted having to put it in.

- It doesn’t affect the fertility of the woman whatsoever.

- When the condom is intact it is impenetrable by the sperm, etc.

Female condom: disadvantages

Some of the disadvantages which can be experienced with the female condom, can be:

- It is more expensive than the male condom.

-  Putting the condom in is not an easy task for a woman, it’s positioning is complicated.

- The danger is in placing it incorrectly because this takes away from its effectiveness.

- It is not an easy contraceptive to get.

- It can provoke irritation, since the inside ring can irritate the penis and the external ring can provoke irritation to the vulva, etc.