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Complete information about the condom

All that you need to know about the condom. Here we inform you of the advantages that you get using the condom. We show you the effectiveness rates that the condom has when it is used correctly.

The condom also can be called Johnnies or rubbers.

The condom is a lubricated rubber case which is put on when the penis is erect and stops the semen from coming out of it and entering into the vagina.

Condoms can be made of latex, polyurethane that made of latex because it or of lambs skin (natural), this information is good for men or women who are allergic to latex. Although it is true that the best condom is that of latex because it gives the best protection, as much for unwanted pregnancies, as protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

The condom is not the only contraceptive for men, but it is the one that is used most.

Condom: efectiveness

The effectiveness of the condom is some 80 to 90 % and its effectiveness is much greater when spermicides are used since it can reach up to 97%. If a lubricant is used it should be a water soluble one, because the oil soluble lubricant can make the condom less effective.

The failures in the effectiveness of the condom are generally due to its inappropriate use, such as a rip or it slipping off completely during a sexual relation.

Condom: advantages

The condom has many advantages, some of these advantages can be:

- It offers optimum protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

- The use of the condom is simple and immediate.

- It has no negative effects on your health.

- It is recommended for men that maintain random sexual relations with different sexual partners

Condom: disadvantages

The condom can also present a few disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages can be:

- It can reduce the sensitivity of the man and of the woman during sexual relations.

- It is usually quite expensive to use them in the setting of a stable couple with continuous relations.

- It can produce an intolerance or allergy to latex which is what condoms are usually made from. Nowadays condoms are also made from other materials.

- It can make the problems or fears worse of some men who have difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection.

In the case that a condom breaks, you shouldn’t be scared, go to your doctor so that they can decide whether you should use the morning after pill, you have to take this within 72 hours.