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Billings method

Complete information about the Billings method

We show you all the information that you should know about the millings method. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of using the billings method as contraception.

The Billings method also known as the cervical mucus method.

The Billings method consists of determining the fertile days through the observation of the changes which are produced in the cervical mucus. It is controlled by the sensations of the external genitals like the humidity, the consistency and the amount of cervical mucus since these are the factors which determine the fertile and infertile days of a woman.

Billings method: what it consists of

We have various stages for observing the cervical mucus. These stages can be:

-After menstruation there are some days of dryness in which there is an absence of cervical mucus.

-Then the secretion of a sticky mucus starts and there is a humid sensation.

The fertile period has started.

-The mucus becomes more elastic and lubricating each day and this indicates to us that these are the days of maximum fertility, until we arrive at the “peak day”, after which the mucus starts to become more opaque and sticky, which indicates to us that they are days of possible fertility.

-From the fourth day after the “peak day” the infertile period starts and there can be dryness or opaque mucus.

If you decide to use the Billings method, observe the changes in your cervical mucus during a complete cycle, writing down what you nice in its consistency and the sensations you feel daily.

During this cycle you should refrain from having sexual relations with intercourse in order to avoid confusions between the cervical mucus and the semen liquid and to know the sensation this produces when it appears.

You shouldn’t look for the mucus by examining internally. Before urinating, you can simply collect it on a piece of toilet paper or with your fingers in the entrance of the vagina.

Billings method: advantages and disadvantages

*Some of the disadvantages of the Billings method can be:

          -It is not 100% sure.

          -If you don’t want unwanted pregnancies you can only have sexual relations on the infertile days (dry days).

         -It can be difficult to identify the cervical mucus, etc.

*Some of the advantages of the Billings Method, can be:

         - You don't have to take any contraceptives     -It has no cost     -It involves the partner, etc.