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Basal body temperature

Necessary information to know what the basal temperature consists of

We show you the most complete information about the basal body temperature. Information on how you should take your basal body temperature, the steps that you should follow in order to achieve sucess in taking the basal body temperature.

The basal body temperature is the body temperature of a woman just after waking up (it is advised to sleep a minimum of 5 hours in order to take the basal temperature).

The moment of ovulation is when the temperature goes sharply from a lower level to a higher level. Therefore it is the ideal moment to have sexual relations without the use of any contraceptives since if you wait three more days the level of the possibility of conceiving diminishes. After ovulation menstruation starts which is the infertile phase of the woman.

The logic behind the basal body temperature method is that as the woman’s hormones vary (progesterone) in each cycle, the temperature will also change.

Basal body temperature: how to take the temperature

There are thermometers on the market which are appropriate for taking the basal body temperature.  

Ask your pharmacist or doctor which is the safest and most appropriate thermometer.

It is important to be constant since you will always have to use the same thermometer and you should use it in the same way as the first day.

The thermometers which measure basal body temperature can be:

- Mouth         - Vaginal         - Rectal        - Arm pit (this is less exact)

In order for the basal body temperature taking to be effective, while you are taking the temperature you can’t:

- Do exercise          - Get out of bed            - Shake the thermometer 

- Drink                   - Talk                              - Smoke, etc.

When you finish taking your basal body temperature, write it down or plot it in a graph or write it in a notebook, taking note of the day, the time and the temperature.

The basal body temperature method is very effective when you have regular menstrual cycles.

It is advisable that you take your temperature for at least three months in order to know which your fertile days are.