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New, LEGAL, sex robots could be the future of brothels.

Read more » | Sex Education | 27/07/2016

Let's discuss why some of us do and don't have periods when using certain contraceptive methods.

Read more » | Sex Education | 20/07/2016

Since women around the world began to celebrate female pleasure, the female orgasm has been a hot topic.

Read more » | Sex Education | 25/04/2016

Here we will tell you all about the things you should know about the withdrawal or pull-out method.

Read more » | Sex Education | 04/02/2016

Can fruit and veg prevent erectile problems?

Read more » | Sex Education | 16/12/2015

We take a look into the aspects that make a delivery as humane as possible.

Read more » | Sex Education | 01/12/2015

Suffer from vaginismus? Read on for some information you might find quite useful.

Read more » | Sex Education | 25/11/2015

We give you some tips on things that you can use to give your sex life and health a boost.

Read more » | Sex Education | 03/07/2015

A man in Norway dressed as a giant penis and shot glitter around to raise awareness for STIs.

Read more » | special occasions | 13/06/2015

If you are heading to a festival this weekend or over the summer, remember to safe and well.

Read more » | Sex Education | 10/06/2015

Last year Apple launched their new Apple HealthKit which can collect data can share it with other heath related apps.

Read more » | Sex Education | 28/04/2015

Nurses and Midwives in Ireland are being offered certification in contraception through a two day course.

Read more » | Sex Education | 14/04/2015

Let us explain what the loss of libido is and why it might happen.

Read more » | relationships | 26/03/2015

Anal sex is a tabu subject and full of myths for many people. Here we give you some tips on how to make the most of it 100% and know how to get the most pleasure out of it.

Read more » | Sex Education | 24/03/2015

Watch this video to find out what parents think about sex education in primary schools.

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